Messaging Architect

Location: Atlanta GA/Seattle WA, .
Date Posted: 05-02-2017
Job title: Messaging Architect
Duration: 12 Months-24 Months
Location:Atlanta GA/Seattle WA

Job Description

Messaging Network Solution (SMSC/OMG/SAR, MMSC, CPM, MSRP)
  • Cloud Messaging Solution
  • NumberSync (or Multi-SIM, Shared Identity - MSSI)
  • AT&T messaging network solution (SMSC/OMG/SAR, MMSC, CPM)
  • Common Provisioning Service (CPS)
  • Common Notification Service (CNS)
  • Messages Service Integration Platform (MSIP)
Working knowledge of Android OS, APKs, debugging and tracing facilities.
Experience with IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and related protocols (SIP, MSRP)
Experience with and Strong Knowledge of Messaging Protocols: SMPP, MM1, MM4, MM7, WAP, PAP, RCS Messaging (Pager Message Mode, Large Message Mode, File Transfer, and Chat)
Experience with and Strong Knowledge of OMA NMS (Network Message Store) and NC (Notification Channel) Standards
Experience with and Strong Knowledge of OMA Twinning Specification
Knowledge of the Android OS to ability to support client developers, along with ability to capture debug logs, traces, etc. to support troubleshooting
Strong ability to perform end-to-end cross-system troubleshooting of issues using various tools (e.g., Wireshark) to capture network traces (PCAP) and system logs, with ability to analyze the composite data to determine the root cause of the issue to then define the needed solution.
Strong knowledge of secure communications using VPN, TLS, SSL, etc. In addition, strong knowledge of authorization and authentication protocols and solutions
Strong knowledge of Converged IP Messaging (CPM) and related RCS Specifications
Strong knowledge of OMA Network Message Store (NMS)
Strong Knowledge and Experience with Regulatory Compliance requirements and solutions for CALEA (Live Communications Intercept) and Stored Communications Act/Telecommunications Act (Preservation and Reporting of communications). Knowledge of Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Systems and Protocols (JSTD, ATIS 1000013)
Familiar with SS8 Xcipio Intercept System and systems using it (PDDF, CDDF, IDDF)
Familiar with AT&T Regulatory Compliance systems (FELIX, ELEAT, Voltage)
Ability to perform complex traffic engineering modeling of the system performance and its capacity based on engineering parameters and applying subscriber forecasts (out to 6 years).
Strong knowledge of defining and designing RESTful service based platforms.
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