C++ Developer

Location: Omaha, NE
Date Posted: 09-13-2017
Job title: C++ Developer
Fulltime position
Location: Omaha NE
Note: Only W2
1)C++ Concepts:
- Multi Threading, Semphores, Mutex, Conditional Variables
- Virtual Functions, Static functions, Casting types and uses
- Constructors and Initialization list
- Smart Pointers
2) Linux:
- IPCs
- Sockets function calls
- Basic command ( Net Stats, Pings etc)
- Shell Scripting Basics
- Utilization commands ( memory, process etc)
3) XML:
- Schema related ( XSD for example)
- Simple and Complex
- Well Formed versus Valid
- Parsers
Class, UC etc diagrams
State flow
5) Requirements Gathering:
- Experience in gathering and converting it into meaningful specs
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